Niagara Falls Facts

History can be boring - to remedy this a new Niagara Falls fact sheet has been put together. This does not include the number and frequency of daredevil events, the depth of fifty-one meters from top to bottom which is five meters deeper than the height of the Statue of Liberty, or its connection to history. The following is a list of facts about Niagara Falls that matter today. There are many facts about Niagara Falls that get repeated, so repeat these the next time you ask to go on vacation.

Benefits of Niagara Falls

Currency Exchange Savings
Nearly every business in Niagara Falls accepts both American and Canadian dollars, this allows visitors to attend attractions on both sides of the International border.

Negative Ions
Niagara Falls is said to be the worlds largest natural Negative Ion Generator. Given the current rush to install ionizers in buildings and homes it helps to have nature pre-filter the air and offer some of the freshest air in any major city.

Niagara Falls makes the negative ion phenomenon go mainstream - literally.

Safest Global Destination
Niagara Falls is a bastion of global peace and love. Canadian laws protect everyone coming to Niagara Falls for their honeymoon, family vacation, or casino vacation. Guests are protected from discrimination based on race, religion, gender, sexuality, or what they like on their sandwich.

Add in the five police organizations operating in the area with kudos to each. Niagara Parks Police (Parkland), Niagara Regional Police (City), Ontario Provincial Police (Highways), Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and Canada Border Services Agency employees (International Crossings). Safety is in abundance in Niagara Falls.

Dangers of Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is incredibly powerful and many stunts have been hosted on Niagara Falls. The fall over Niagara Falls is unlikely to kill anyone. Here Comes the science:

The average human hits terminal velocity after 573 meters of freefall. At 51 Meters Niagara Falls is just as deadly as a fall onto the sidewalk.

Niagara Falls may be enormous and have an average flow of 1,834 cubic meters of water per second, this flow comes from just a couple feet of water at the top. Combine that with the buildup of rocky debris at the base and it is just as deadly as the wave pool at the local waterparks.

Remember those facts about the soothing sounds and negative ions? They really help release the tension during your honeymoon, or after a loss at the casino, or after an hour trying to wrangle all the children for todays outing. Look around at the smiling faces on Fallsview Boulevard, Falls Avenue, or Clifton Hill - that is the scientific magic of Niagara Falls working together with all of the people looking to make your day special. No pressure.

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