History of the Marriott on the Falls

History of the Marriott on the Falls

1993 - Open for Business in Fallsview Area
The building opened for business in 1993 with a Sheraton hotel and Stanleys restaurant. Originally constructed with 22 floors and a conference centre it was among the tallest in Niagara Falls, and being situated above the escarpment it was the highest altitude hotel in Niagara Falls. Second only to the restaurant at the Skylon and Minolta Towers in terms of height, it would later rise above the Konica Minolta Tower.

1998 - Digital Wave First Fallsview Webcam
Popular international demand for a view of Niagara Falls on the Internet fueled the installation of the first Niagara Falls Webcam. Offering a view of all three falls the Niagara Falls Cam is still online to this day, albeit at a higher resolution and with a much faster connection. The Fallscam installation in 1998 marked the first offering of digital services to guests and the beginning of a long history of innovation. It would be years before WiFi, Cell phones were a novelty, and the Fallsview Casino didn't exist. This is the era when Niagara Falls would start building a new future for itself as a 24-hour operation with a 24-hour a day video stream.

2000 - Major Expansion to 32 Floors
Strong business in a strong period for Canada the hotel becomes the first in the Fallsview Boulevard area to perform a vertical expansion, adding needed floors to meet consumer demand. While on paper it seemed simple the expansion was a feat of engineering and had an effect on the mist in Niagara Falls. Environmental impact studies cleared this expansion and the expansion of neighbouring hotels. It was among the first and last vertical expansions as new developments are targeted just outside of the existing Fallsview Boulevard area.

2001-2010 - Waves of Change in Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls has been a major tourist destination for more than a century however this period is recognized as its most challenging period. History was made with each new challenge, and to stand the test of time without closing its doors for the entire decade is now a part of this history. New passport requirements, economic downturns, and pandemic scares had a negative effect on traffic to Niagara Falls. Unlike many smaller hotels the hotel that would become the Marriott on the Falls would remain open and invest in the future. This includes environmental upgrades that help to save the environment and to save money. This long period ends when as American and International guests return in droves after the recession. This new era of competition includes three new hotel expansions and builds on the Fallsview boulevard.

2011 - Marriott Arrives with Second Expansion
Major changes arrived with the Marriott brand and new ownership. The feature expansion would see very little change on the outside of the hotel, it would improve everything inside of the hotel. New Fitness Centre was the first project completed, an essential for any modern hotel. The Restaurant became a Milestones Grill + Bar, the first in Niagara. The Lobby area had a sweeping renovation that included the installation of a new Starbucks, seating and plugs for all types of digital devices, and a massive television the largest non-projection screen on Fallsview Boulevard. Some of these upgrades are visible, others are seamless like the second wave of environmental commitments, this included expanded recycling and organic waste diversion. One upgrade that is visible is the Niagara Falls Cam, the original Fallscam becomes the highest resolution persistent video feed of Niagara Falls.

While guests continue to arrive the future will write itself. The current era includes blogs, online travel agencies, and new adventures in old places. While the digital revolution can deliver stunning images it cannot provide the full Niagara Falls luxury experience. Come to the Marriott on the Falls and experience the raw power of Niagara Falls.

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