WFOL Opening Ceremonies

WFOL Opening Ceremonies

The 2017-2018 Winter Festival of Lights will begin in style, with a large scale Opening Ceremony taking place in historic Queen Victoria Park.

The opening ceremony will feature entertainment, fireworks, activities, events and a few surprise local celebrities.

Taking place from 6 pm – 9 pm, events include:

  • Performers in Costume including Fire Dancers
  • Musical Performances
  • Special Turning on the Lights Presentation
  • Special Fireworks Display

Winter Festival of Lights Opening Ceremony Highlights

Flip the Switch, Turning on the Lights Presentation

Upon the conclusion of Chromatique, special dignitaries and celebrities from around the Niagara area will flip the switch, and turn on all the lights along the 8km WFOL Illumination Route.

Special Fireworks Display

Immediately after the turning on the lights presentation, a special fireworks display will take place, kicking off the Winter Festival of Lights Fireworks Schedule
Winter Festival of Lights


WFOL Opening Ceremonies
Queen Victoria Park
Niagara Falls