Wayne Newton

Wayne Newton

Wayne Newton will be giving audiences an up-close look at his life and career during a behind the lights conversation at the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls this September.

He is hailed by many as a living legend and one of the best entertainers to ever grace the stage. Seeing his musical talent up-close is awe inspiring, and getting the ability to learn more about his career from his point of view is a once in a lifetime experience. He has been a musical icon for more than 6 decades and has more hits than you can count.

Most Popular Hits

Since Wayne Newton has been entertaining audiences for more than 6 decades, it is no surprise that he has a plethora of hits in his catalogue. Some of his most popular songs include

  • “Only You”
  • “Some Sunday Morning”
  • “Laura Lee”
  • “Comin’ On to Strong”
  • “After the Laughter”
  • and so many more.

Wayne’s ability to remain relevant as a musical entertainer for so long, is due to his unique talent and charisma. He is more than just a great singer, Newton gives a performance that entertains and amazes.

Vegas and Worldwide Entertainer

When you think about some of the most famous Las Vegas entertainers throughout the years, none are more popular or made more of an impression than Wayne Newton. His time as a Las Vegas performer is what he is most known for.

In 1994, Newton earned one of his biggest career achievements by performing his 25,000th solo show in Las Vegas. He is known as “Mr. Las Vegas” and it seems that nothing can slow him down or take him away from the stage. Wayne Newton was born to be a performer and his ability to captivate audiences is something that few people have the talent to do.

See Wayne Newton in conversation and concert at the Fallsview Casino on September 25th, located less than 3 minutes from the Marriott on the Falls Hotel. For the best rates available anywhere, plus valuable add-ons, view our:

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