Voca People

Voca People

Most bands and musical groups don’t have a backstory beyond the individual members starting to play alongside each other and deciding to come up with a band name. Not so with the Voca People. They're backstory is creative, and lends to the performance art that they are renowned for.

Voca People Concert

Voca People Backstory

They’re from outer space, somewhere beyond the sun. They came to Earth because of its vast library of music, their language and communication being entirely through song and beats, travelling far and wide to absorb Earth musical culture and seek help in powering their spaceship, which is powered by song.

The Voca People have drawn a massive following in Europe. In reality the roles of the ‘Voca’ troupe are fulfilled by a large team of singers and performers on regular rotation. First performing in 2009, the Israel-based group were immediately a viral hit on YouTube, especially in Italy.

A Capella Style

The drawcard of the Voca People is their a capella style. Unaccompanied by any instrumentation, the performers can perform in various vocal styles, beatbox and mimic a wide variety of instruments. Billed as a ‘musical comedy act’, the main performance of the Voca People is blending their musical lineup with role-playing (they are musically-inclined aliens, after all) and improvisation. Audience participation and song requests are also standard business during a Voca performance.

A distinct advantage to this performance style is that it is a truly international musical act in a way few artists can boast. The Voca People don’t have any language barriers in their fundamental act to keep them from worldwide popularity. Their initial tours were across Europe, but since 2014 they’ve become a regularly global presence, adding Asia and both North and South America to their regular hotspots.

Despite this diverse schedule, the Voca People haven’t been to Canada in a little while. So in 2017 they’re performing at the Avalon Ballroom. The Voca People will be performing during afternoons & weekends in Niagara Falls, from January 25–29. Seeing a performance like the Voca People is a unique experience, with a style and range rarely seen in any other band.

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