Una Storia Italiana

Una Storia Italiana

Four of acclaimed Italian musicial acts will come together as Una Storia Italiana, set to perform at the Fallsview Casino Resort this summer. Red Canzian, Tiziana Rivale, MAL and Cugini Di Campagna will perform in an evening filled with hits such as 'Rosso Natale,' 'Tu Sei Bella Come Sei,' 'Il Calcio Del Sorriso,' 'Sarà Quel Che Sarà 'and 'Ill Ballo Di Peppe.'

Red Canzian

Red Canzian, born Bruno Canzian, is a songwriter and lead vocalist of Italian band Pooh. Pooh, a pop band, formed in 1966. Since then, they've sold as much as 100 million records throughout the course of their career. Red Canzian joined the group in 1973, replacing founding member Riccardo Fogli on bass and vocals.

Pooh currently features Red Canzian (vocals and bass), Dodi Battaglia (vocals and guitars) and Roby Facchinetti (vocals and keyboards).

Tiziana Rivale

Tiziana Rivale, born Letizia Oliva, is an Italian singer and composer. She started singing by the age of 11 and eventually began participating in singing competitions. Rivale eventually began an apprenticeship with Rockollection, a rock band, touring the Northern Italy and European disco scene in the late 1970s. By the early 1980s, she left the group and participated in the Sanremo Festival, winning the event with the song, 'Sara Quel Che Sara.'

Since the mid-1980s, Rivale has continued to perform across the world, visiting locations across Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States. She has also made various television appearances in Italy and around the world throughout her career.

Cugini Di Campagna

Cugini Di Campagna is an Italian pop band originating from Rome. They formed in 1970 and later achieved success in the early part of the decade with their first single, 'Il ballo di Peppe,' and 1973's 'Anima mia.' Although they had a rough path following a bevy of successful hits in the 1980s, they returned to the music scene in 1997 with a new band line up.

The band is best noted for their eccentric look and their use of falsetto vocals. The current band lineup includes Ivano Michetti, Silvano Michetti and Luca Storelli.

July 25th and 26th

Two performances will take place at the Avalon Theatre in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada on July 25th & July 26th.


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