Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler

Who doesn’t know Steven Tyler, the lead singer of Aerosmith? Tyler is a very famous musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter. Even though he entered the industry in the year 1964, he couldn’t gain prominence till early 70s. As he and his band Aerosmith launched the album called Toys In The Attic, he attained success and gathered a huge fan following for himself.

Here are five lesser known facts about Steven Tyler:

5 Facts About Steven Tyler

  1. Tyler is known as the ‘Demon of Screamin’’ – Since he has a wide vocal range and he screams a lot while singing, his fans call him the Demon of Screamin’.
  2. Tyler adores bright colors – Even though it is said that most of the hard rock lovers adore dark and deep colors like black, magenta, etc., Tyler is completely opposite. He prefers wearing bright colors; colorful ‘scarves’ are the things that he adores the most.
  3. Tyler was addicted to drugs and alcohol – Due to a lot of ups and downs in his life, Tyler was addicted to drugs as well as alcohol. When he realized that he was overly addicted to intoxication, he decided to join a rehabilitation center.
  4. Aerosmith is in the industry for over 45 years – Even if you are a fan of the band, you surely don’t know for how long it has been in the industry. To your surprise, Aerosmith is entertaining you for over 45 years now and the big news is that it still continues to do so. Tyler is proud to be a part of this band.
  5. Tyler has a thing for adventure – Believe it or not –Tyler loves scuba diving and is a huge fan of motorcycles. He can be as crazy as a teenager, at times, especially when it comes to testing his taste for adventure.

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