Steven Ma and Susanna Kwan

Steven Ma and Susanna Kwan

International superstars Steven Ma and Susanna Kwan have been delighting audiences for a great number of years. They will be performing at Fallsview Casino on June 7th and June 8th, and it is certain that the shows will be as memorable as any of their past performances.

The singles of Steven Ma and Susanna Kwan have given them a number of hits through the years, appealing to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Each performer brings a number of unique talents to the table. However, when they are taken as a group, the results are always something spectacular.

Hong Kong Superstars

These Hong Kong superstars are going to pack their two shows with a wide variety of hit tracks that have been recorded throughout their impressive career. Some of the songs that will almost certainly be part of their shows at the casino are “Xiang Fei”, “Tian Yi”, and “Warrior Dad.” These songs are particularly brilliant, in terms of how wonderfully they reveal the stunning vocal talents of both Ma and Kwan.

Acting and Singing

Steven Ma and Susanna Kwan are not just singers. If you travel to their native Hong Kong, you’re going to discover why these two performers are two of the most famous personalities in all of Hong Kong pop culture. Both Ma and Kwan are certainly celebrated for their singing talents, considering how extremely successful their musical careers have been (both separately and as a duo). However, their acting careers have also helped to build them up into the successful entities they are today. Both Kwan and Ma have had long, extremely beloved careers as actors.

Guests can expect these two shows are to feature solo performances, duets, and what will hopefully be some delightful interactions with fans in the audience.

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