Sogno Italiano in Niagara Falls

Sogno Italiano in Niagara Falls

If you have never had the opportunity to travel to Italy, this performance will surely take you there with some of Italy’s top musicians performing together for a spectacular night of emotion, adventurous musical arrangements, and enjoyment for all. Sogno Italiano is a wonderful experience that will transport you to the various regions of Italy all through the sound of music. Also, you will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the industry’s top performers such as Pupo, Gianni Nazzaro, Karima, and the 19 piece symphony orchestra Suoni del Sud.


Born in Ponticino, a town in the province of Arezzo, Pupo has been one of the best musicians in Italy with the start of his career in 1975. He has had many hit songs such as “Gelato al Cioccolato” and “Su di Noi”, not to mention “Firenze Santa Maria Novella”. The popularity of these songs was so great that they were also translated into English for other fans to enjoy around the world.

After his success in music, he then moved onto other projects such as being a television host and presenting for other programs. With 11 gold records, he surely encompasses the heart of Italian culture with his lyrics and musical arrangements.

Gianni Nazzaro

Gianni Nazzaro, also referred to as Buddy, is one of Italy’s most renowned cover artists. Over his entire career he has recorded over 59 different singles between 1965 and 1968. With his win of the Napoli Music Festival, his success grew even greater. Once he had made his mark in Italian musical culture, he then turned his talents to musical theatre.


To focus on the more modern aspect of today’s Italian musical culture, Karima started her success in the mid to late 2000’s with the release of her first album, Amare Le Differenze in the year 2009. She is the perfect performer for younger audiences that want to indulge in the pop/rock genre of Italian music.

Suoni del Sud

Translated to the Sounds of the South, Suoni del Sud is a fantastic 19 piece orchestra that has composed a variety of different pieces ranging from Christmas Carols to renditions of Strauss. This musical group will surely entice every one of your senses as they take you on a journey through the Italian countryside.

Sogno Italiano is offering tickets starting at $80.00 and the show runs from January 10th to January 11th.

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