Known throughout the world by simply a single name—Seal. This musical icon will be making a rare small theatre at the Avalon Theatre ballroom at the Fallsview Casino.

Finding the Right Collaborators

In the beginning Seal struggled to find a break, in no small part because he was initially reluctant to tie himself to a single label. From doing the pub/club circuit in London to touring with blues and funk bands to countries like Japan and India, it wasn’t until Seal struck a partnership with producer Adam Paul ‘Adamski’ Tinley that his career got the support needed to launch his popularity.

Kiss from a Rose

After performing on Adamski’s ‘Killer’ in 1990, Seal used his new clout to release a self-titled album with ZTT Records, writing his own music and lyrics in conjunction with Guy Sigsworth. The UK in 1991 was dominated by the album’s flagship single, ‘Crazy’. The hype only got bigger in 1994 with Seal II – the album would be nominated for a Grammy, but it was its runaway hit ‘Kiss from a Rose’ that picked up multiple awards. The song would become arguably the most memorable thing about the film Batman Forever and is still a karaoke bar staple.

Seal has continued to steadily produce music ever since. Over the ten years since Seal II’s success he’s released another seven albums, not including the aborted 2001 project Togetherland, which even in its unfinished state, garnered high critical praise for the small clips released to the public. His latest album, 2015’s 7, enjoyed high chart success in the UK and across Europe. Seal has also created a public persona as a collaborator and as a judge on the Australian musical talent show The Voice for 2012–13.

Seal coming to Niagara Falls

Following the release of 7, Seal has been touring extensively. The talented singer-songwriter will be in Niagara Falls in September 2016, as one of the final shows in a large-scale international touring schedule. He’ll be performing across two nights at the Avalon Ballroom Theatre in Niagara’s Fallsview Casino Resort. As one of the UK’s biggest modern international acts and a worldwide-acclaimed singer, any show with Seal headlining is a night to remember.

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