Rock and Soul at the Fallsview Casino

Rock and Soul at the Fallsview Casino

Soul music has a long tradition, particularly on the East Coast of America from the 1950s onwards. A blend of rhythm and blues and gospel tones pioneered by African-American musicians, soul music has had decades to grow into a diverse musical style with an unquantifiable influence on all styles of American – and Western – music.

Rock and Soul Casino Show

In ‘Rock and Soul’, a big-band showcase provides a live exhibition of soul and early rock in all its myriad forms. With eight feature performers the full gamut of soul can be expressed in a single string of brass-band pomp and powerful vocalisation. The highs and lows of the different forms of soul music all blend together into a sweeping tribute of the pioneers of soul music and the various locales across America where soul music first developed as a sub-culture in local music.

The main house style on offer is the soul music roots of Detroit, and the various artists who grew up with Detroit blues and jazz in their veins, forming iconic groups and ensembles including the Supremes and the Temptations. This is the ‘Motown’ tradition, named after the music label that helped popularise soul as an early form of pop music and proto-disco. The ‘Detroit sound’ is that of strong melodies and raw vocalisation, and a powerful centrepiece for live music.

Rock and Soul Niagara Falls

The ‘Rock and Soul’ showcase also exhibits other circles of early and progressive soul music, including the rich melodies of Philadelphia. Showstoppers with the Philly sound include the Billy Paul classic ‘Me and Mrs Jones’. Memphis soul fills in the blanks, with deeper and more sultry tones to compliment the more vibrant Motown performances. Not all Memphis sounds are low and melancholic though – as a powerhouse rendition of the Otis Redding version of ‘Try a little tenderness’ will attest to.

Blues rock is a natural accompaniment to big-band soul and ‘Rock and Soul’ has its fair share of folk hits to add to the sweeping collection of renditions. Classic rock including ‘Devil with a blue dress on’ by the Detroit Wheels or ‘Proud Mary’ as written by Credence Clearwater Revival build on top of the brass accompaniment. As a celebration of the music that defined the 60s and 70s, and influenced everything that came afterward, ‘Rock and Soul’ is a monument to a form of music that in itself is celebratory, vibrant and highly engaging.

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