Richard Marx

Richard Marx

Richard Marx will be performing some of his biggest hits at the Fallsview Casino and Resort in June 2015

Musical Beginnings

Richard Marx’s musical career started in 1987 when he released his first solo album. Not only did this debut album sell more than 4 million records, and it also had 4 hit singles. The biggest single, “Don’t Mean Nothing” even made its way to #1 on the Billboard Rock charts. “Hold on to the Nights” was the first #1 pop single that Marx ever had.

Records and Hits

Some of his biggest hits over the years include:

  • "Endless Summer Nights"
  • "Right Here Waiting"
  • "Now and Forever"
  • "Hazard" and more

Many of his hits are power ballads, and Marx was able to crossover and still creates successful classic rock hits including as:

  • "Don't Mean Nothing"
  • "Should've Known Better"
  • "Satisfied"
  • "Too Late to Say Goodbye”


After Richard Marx reached solo success he decided to start a new phase of his career. Since the beginning of the 2000’s Marx has focused on songwriting and been responsible for some of the biggest hits on the Billboard charts. Some of the biggest songs that he has written for other artists and bands include "This I Promise You" by NSYNC and "Dance with My Father" by Luther Vandross. The song he wrote for Luther Vandross also earned Richard Marx Grammy recognition. He has written top singles for over 4 decades and is one of the few songwriters to ever achieve this type of success.

Still Touring

Even though Richard Marx enjoys to write and produce music for other artist, he still enjoys to grace the stage and perform some of his biggest hits. His most recent album is entitled Beautiful Goodbye (2014) and Richard Marx is still very relevant and known in the world of pop/rock music.

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