Reba’s career is one of the most successful in the history of not only country music, and in all of popular music, as well. It’s not enough that the singer has sold over fifty-six million albums, sold out venues all over the world, and managed a staggering sixty-four top 10 singles. Reba has also managed to find time to star in a wildly successful sitcom, make several notable film appearances, and even tackle the challenging world of Broadway.

There are few country music arts accomplished as Reba. By the same token, there are few country artists who have the reputation for putting on a show that she has built up over the past few decades. There is no question that Reba continues to be one of the most successful, celebrated performers in the entire world.

When Reba comes to Fallsview Casino March 24th and March 25th, you can be certain that she will continue the reputation she has earned a thousand times over.

Reba at the Fallsview Casino

Although Reba is well known for coming up with some extremely versatile set lists for her shows, you can be certain of at least one thing, when the beloved entertainer comes to Fallsview Casino for two dates in March. You can be certain that Reba is going to give you one of the most electrifying, crowd-pleasing shows to be found anywhere. With dozens upon dozens of hits to her credit, you can be certain as well that Reba will definitely bring some of those chart toppers to the stage.

Reba, an Icon of Country

Reba has recorded some twenty-six albums, since her career began in the 1970s. It wasn’t until the 1980s that her career truly took off, and she is a performer who has worked hard to carve out a unique, multifaceted body of work. She has then combined these songs with an ability to create an appealing stage presence.

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