Pan Am Games: Soccer (Hamilton)

Hamilton Pan Am Soccer

With the 2015 Pan American Games set to begin on July 10, the city of Hamilton has earned the honour of hosting the soccer competition. An expected 250,000 visitors will attend this year’s games and a full one-third of them will come to see soccer. Along with track and field, the soccer competition is among the Games’ most popular sports.

CIBC Hamilton Pan Am Soccer Stadium

All of the tournament’s games will take place at the new CIBC Pan Am Soccer Stadium. The venue is located in downtown Hamilton, on the site where the historic Ivor Wynne Stadium once stood. That old stadium was used the very first time that Canada hosted a major international sporting competition back in 1930. The new stadium, which seats 24,000, was built to capture some of the essence of the old stadium and is now used to host a variety of events.

Men and Women Qualifying Countries

The Pan American Games men’s and women’s soccer tournaments will each feature an eight-team field. The women’s tournament is set with the host nation, Canada, and Mexico qualifying automatically. Costa Rica won the Central American qualifier and Trinidad and Tobago won the Caribbean qualifier.

Pan Am Soccer Match Schedule

Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Argentina each earned spots in the 2015 Pan Am Games women’s soccer tournament by competing in the South American qualifier. The women will begin Pan Am Games play with the first match to be played on July 11. The women’s tournament culminates with the final on July 25.

The men’s field will be complete on February 7 when the final four teams will emerge from the South American qualifier. Thus far, Canada, the host, and Mexico are automatic qualifiers and Panama (Central American qualifier) and Trinidad and Tobago (Caribbean qualifier) have also earned berths. Men’s play will start on July 12 and finish on the final day of the 2015 Pan American Games, July 26.



CIBC Hamilton Pan Am Soccer Stadium
75 Balsam Ave, N