Niagara Falls Multi-Colour Illumination

Niagara Falls Multi-Colour Illumination

Many find it hard to believe that Niagara Falls has been illuminated for over 100 years. And since 1925 Illuminations have become more frequent occurrence, thanks to the Niagara Falls Illumination Board.

Special Illuminations, which take place 5 - 10 times per month, are selected by the Illumination Board in conjunction with Niagara Parks. These Illuminations are typically reserved for charities, causes and special events; this keeps special requests and high rollers from changing the colour of the Falls for weddings, corporate meetings or private events. This exclusivity adds to the charm of these special events, which usually take place for 15 minutes beginning at 10pm eastern.

Some causes, charities and events are presented with a multitude of colours and hues. Below is a list of upcoming and historic Multi-colour Niagara Falls Illuminations

Chronic Migraine Awareness Day
June 29th, 2015

Held on June 29th, the Chronic Migraine Awareness Day is focused on showing the devastating effects of Chronic Migraine in our society and at the same time by holding this we show and pledge support for people that suffer from it. With more than 10% of the whole migraine population suffering from it, it’s very important to learn more about it, how it works and which are the devastating effects that it can bring if it remains untreated. Information is key when it comes to combating a condition, and that’s what the Chronic Migraine Awareness Day does!


Niagara Falls Illumination
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