Niagara Falls Comic Con

Niagara Falls Comic Con 2017

Initially a small regional convention, the Niagara Falls Comic Con has grown by leaps and bounds, and in a short time has become one of Canada’s top Conventions. The convention mixes pop culture, guests, lectures, interviews and events into one amazing weekend.

The Niagara Falls Comic Con for 2017 is taking place across the first weekend of June 2nd - June 4th (Friday until Sunday) at the Scotiabank Convention Centre.

Feature Niagara Falls Comic Con Guests

Guests already confirmed for various stages of the weekend cover the gamut of TV, movies, comics and general pop cultural touchstones. Comics industry guests include famous artists such as Tom Grummett and Greg Land. Some celebrity guests of particular note include:

Robert Englund

For horror aficionados the name needs no introduction. Englund was already a successful actor in the 1970s before he decided to take a punt on a role unlike anything he’d played before: the dream-stalking killer Freddy Krueger in 1984’s A Nightmare on Elm Street. Englund has since become the definitive version of the finger-bladed horror icon, donning the garish green and red sweater for numerous films, TV appearances and voiceover work.

Paul McGann

In the UK McGann made waves with dramatic roles such as the lead in Withnail and I, but his international reputation was built on his leading performance in the 1996 TV movie Doctor Who, playing the eighth incarnation of the eponymous Doctor. Although the movie remains one of his few televised appearances as the Doctor, McGann has become a cult favourite for fans based on his dozens of Doctor Who audiobook performances.

Barbara Eden

None other than Jeannie from the smash hit 1960s sitcom I Dream of Jeannie. Eden has maintained a strong and productive career in with film and television since then, and across a five-decade working life has become one of American television’s most beloved actors. She has recently published a memoir, Jeannie Out of the Bottle, with HarperCollins.

Just Announced Comic Con Guests

Other guests include Jason David Frank (Tommy from the original Power Rangers TV series), Lee Meriwether (Catwoman from the 1966 Adam West-led Batman movie), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca from the original Star Wars trilogy.A collection of former WWE wrestlers, including the Sting, will also be on hand at the 2017 Niagara Falls Comic Con.

Events at 2017 Niagara Falls Comic Con

Events and attractions will come trick and fast. Sights to see include rare props like the Batcopter from the 1966 Batman movie and the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard. Photo ops and autograph opportunities are abound with celebrity guests and professional cosplayers, and fan groups for franchises such as Doctor Who and Star Wars will have a presence on the showroom floor. Q&A sessions and most workshops are free to attend.

The Marriott on the Falls is the closest hotel to the Niagara Falls Comic Con, taking place at the Scotiabank Convention Centre. Stay here and maximize your time at the event; take quick breaks and head back to your room or grab a quick recharge meal at the hotel before heading back to the show. For more information on our hotel view out:

Niagara Falls Hotel Packages

Friday, June 2, 2017 - 5:00pm to Sunday, June 4, 2017 - 9:00pm


Scotiabank Convention Centre
6815 Stanley Ave
Niagara Falls