Mystic India - The World Tour Show

Mystic India - The World Tour Show

With the combination of amazing choreography, world renowned musicians, breathtaking costumes, and some of the most astounding acrobatic performers in the world, Mystic India – The World Tour is something that you and your family should certainly consider seeing at The Niagara Falls Fallsview Casino. The performance will take you on a wild ride throughout the beauty and opulence of Bollywood and all of the most beautiful aspects of this particular type of entertainment.

Bollywood Dance and Music

The performance itself is one of the most acclaimed international performances that focuses on expressing the transition of India over the years. The audience will be pulled into the adventure of traditional ancient India and how it has transformed into modern India, including all of the trials and tribulations. With the use of Bollywood dance and intriguing musical arrangements, it will make you feel as if you were actually part of the transition.

Over 750 Costumes

One of the most impressive features of Mystic India – The World Tour is the sheer amount of costumes that all of the performers adorn. There are over 750 different costumes that will shine, sparkle, and steal your attention with every movement. This truly helps to capture the beauty of Bollywood and Indian culture. With the elaborate and custom designed sets, you will essentially be transported to a whole other country. The sets themselves took over 2 years to complete with the hands of 40 set designers.

Combining India & New York Dance

If you’re interested in dance, Mystic India – The World Tour incorporates both the traditional Indian forms of dance and the more modern techniques that you would find in today’s New York. It is surely a breathtaking performance that everyone can appreciate as it combines both the feel of Mumbai and New York City in one.

Audience members will be taken on a journey throughout various cultures of India such as Pradesh, Punjab, and Tamil Nadu. With the ample amount of color and the spectacular show of energy, these performers will give you the chance to see something that you have never seen before in your life. Upcoming Niagara Falls shows will grasp all of the positive qualities of Bollywood and transforms it into a show that is perfect for every type of audience member.

For individuals who are interested in purchasing tickets, they are available from $25.00. Mystic India – The World Tour is available at The Niagara Fallsview Casino from January 23rd to January 28th.

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