Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth

Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth

It is in public eye that the ex-boxer has led a turbulent career and personal life. He is usually in the news for all the wrong reasons. Sometimes it is battling drug addiction other times he is serving a jail sentence.

Now a live one-man show is making its way across North America after a run on Broadway, showcasing the aspects of life that we did not know about Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson brings a new twist to the meaning to the one man show phrase ‘one man show’ by a well-orchestrated show.

Based on HBO Show

This confessional performance has been directed for HBO by the award-winning film director Spike Lee. In the words of the director, Mike Tyson is a great actor that brings to live his past in a way that makes the whole session a lot more entertaining. This production has become the impetuous for the live play.

Mike Tyson once told a news conference that the movie would be the start of his career in the theatre. He said that fighting on the ring has taken the centre stage and sapped all his energy. Now that he is out of the ring, he equates the acting experience same as to that of the movie The Hangover.

Battling Demons

The story of Mike Tyson is an interesting one. He won the first heavyweight championship at the age of 20. He was very vulnerable at the age. His life took a turn for the worst as he was implicated in a series of rape, domestic violence and drug abuse.

The show touches upon several subjects on Tyson’s life that include his marriage, the life in the prison and effects of his addiction to cocaine. Tyson stressed that he was not doing a sob story but the life was a bit horrible.

Tyson’s inspiration to produce the show came from actor Chazz Palminteri and his show ‘A Bronx Tale'. Tyson’s wife later came up with the loose script.

The show is a must watch for all autography, sports and general viewing lovers. It is time for the truth. It takes place October 8th, 2016 at the Seneca Niagara Casino in Niagara Falls, USA. This is located a quick border crossing and is approximately 5 minutes from our hotel.

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