Matt Dusk

Matt Dusk

Matt Dusk, a Canadian jazz musician and vocalist, will be coming to the Scotiabank Convention Centre for an intimate concert, bringing crooner and swing band music back into the spotlight.

Career Beginnings

Matt Dusk, born Matthew-Aaron Dusk, had aspirations to become a performer from an early age. By the age of seven, he was admitted into St. Michael's Choir School; he attended the school for eleven years.

Dusk originally performed classical music and opera, and changed his musical style and direction after listening to classic artist like Sarah Vaughan, Bob Fenton and Tony Bennett at age 17. In 1998, he claimed the top sport in Canada's National Exhibition Rising Start Competition; eager to take on the family business, Dusk soon left home for York University in Toronto, studying economics.

He spent a year at York's economics department, and eventually changed programs to follow his true passion—music. In 1999, he switched programs to study for a BFA in music, focusing on jazz and popular music. He studied under several notable figures in the industry, such as Bob Fenton, who taught jazz vocal in the course.

Independence and Major Label Releases

Dusk released four independent records during the early 2000s before he signed with a major label. By March 2003, he signed with a major record label, Decca Records. The next year, he was invited to perform at Las Vegas' Golden Nugget Casino, where he provided music throughout the filming of Mark Burnett's The Casino reality TV show, which aired on Fox.

By June 2004, his debut album Two Shot was released; it went gold in Canada shortly after its release. The album ended up producing a hit single, 'Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad,' which was penned by U2's Bono and The Edge. The song also served as the theme song to The Casino.

Dusk followed up his debut with the Peace of Earth holiday EP, released in November 2005. Dusk travelled to Los Angeles in January 2006 to begin recording his second album, Back to Town, in Capitol Records' renowned recording Studio A. Back to Town featured a mix of jazz standards and original compositions. The album was eventually released in June 2006.

Additional Albums

By October 2007, the album achieved modest success. The lead single, 'Back to Town,' hit No. 1 on the Japanese pop radio charts, making him the first male jazz artist to achieve such a position on the Japanese pop radio charts. Back in Town's 'All About Me' also achieved chart topping success, rising to the top of the Canadian charts in late 2006.

Fast forward to 2013. Dusk has released three additional albums, including 2013’s My Funny Valentine: Chet Baker Songbook”. Dusk will be performing songs from all of his albums on November 28th. Don’t miss this rare chance to see this modern day Crooner live and in person at the Scotiabank Convention Centre. The Marriott on the Falls is the closest hotel to the venue, making it the perfect location for a night of music and romance. For our best rates view our:

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