Lewis Black

Lewis Black

One of the most recognizable stand-up comedians of today, Lewis Black has exhibited his many talents both on the stage and behind the scenes as a writer, playwright, voice actor, and much more. His on-stage persona as an angry, almost belligerent comedian, Black manages to balance his approach with his humanity which has led to his considerable success.

Since his emergence on the stage in the late 1990s, Black has enjoyed a string of successes that includes hosting “Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil” on Comedy Central, making regular appearances on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”, and his innumerable appearances on late night talk shows, specials, and the like.

Lewis Black Career Trajectory

Black studied to be a playwright and graduated in from the University of North Carolina in 1970. His early years were dedicated to writing plays and performing stand-up comedy on the local circuit where he enjoyed some modest success.

His success as a playwright actually led to his career as a stand-up where he would often perform his act before his plays would begin. It was in the early 1990s that Black decided to focus on his comedic career which led to bit parts in TV shows and movies. His aggressive style and themes of dealing with life’s absurdities along with politics that tested his sanity started connecting with audiences as the 1990s progressed.

His big break happened in 1998 when he starred he started working on The Daily Show. A regular series of what were essentially rants earned him fandom, success and the ability to continue practicing his craft. This led to additional appearances on HBO and other networks where his unique brand of humor was resonating with larger audiences. Although not known for a singular appearance, Black managed to become instantly identifiable as the angry, working-class man deeply involved in today’s struggles.

Lewis Black Today

In 2009, Black hosted a hilarious show on The History Channel called “Surviving the Holidays with Lewis Black” where he instructed everyone about the pressures that are present during the holiday season. In 2011, he filmed two shows at the State Theatre in Minneapolis that were used for his comedy special “In God We Rust”.

By August, 2013, Lewis had recorded his ninth stand-up special called “Old Yeller: Live at the Borgata”. It became the first such special to air on VOD and PPV simultaneously. This meant that people with satellite, internet and TV platforms were able to see the special at the same time, a portent to how many new specials are delivered today.

In the past few years, Lewis still tours with his stand-up act which is his lifeblood. He has honed and refined his act over the years, but it still remains about confronting the various inequities of life in a way that combines anger with hilarity. While his profile may not be as high as it once was, he is still hard at work appearing around the country and shows no signs of slowing down.

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