Joel McHale Niagara

Joel McHale Niagara

Joel McHale is one of the most well-known comics out right now. His career has really taken off in recent years and branched out from stand-up comedy. Even though he has a number of different comedic roles on television, McHale still finds time to tour and try out his new comedy material. Joel is coming to the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls, Ontario on October 24th for a one night Stand-up Comedy Show.

Comedic Start

Joel McHale is from Seattle and began his career as a part of the sketch comedy cast known as Almost Live! This sketch comedy group gained a lot of notoriety in Seattle and this allowed Joel to finally achieve his dream of moving to Los Angeles to pursue his comedic career.

Comedy Television Star

Joel McHale is featured on a number of different comedic shows on network television. Hi is most known for his role as host of the popular E! comedy spoof show The Soup. As the host, McHale takes his shot at television stars and combines unique humor with funny video clips. Before he began hosting his own show on the E! network, Joel started with roles on popular shows including Will & Grace and CSI: Miami.

Community Star

Joel McHale’s role on the popular NBC TV show Community is also what propelled him to comedy fame. He was cast for this role by Dan Harmon and quickly became a fan favorite. The show has gotten a ton of great reviews and has a sort of cult following.

Stand-Up Comedy and Career

Even though Joel is known for his comedic roles on television, he is still one of the very best stand-up comedians touring around the country. His standup routine pushes the boundaries and is known for being witty.. He is currently touring with new material.

There are few comedians out today that have the star power and comedic timing the McHale offers. He is a unique comedian that has gained fame in both television and on the stage. He might be known for his acting abilities, and he is still a great comedic writer that creates hilarious stand-up material. You can see Joel McHale on the E! network hosting The Soup and on the stage during his comedy tour.

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