An Intimate Evening With Art Garfunkel

An Intimate Evening With Art Garfunkel

Folk-pop legend Art Garfunkel returns to the stage this April, performing hits from his illustrious solo career. Come see the other half of iconic folk rock duo, Simon and Garfunkel, perform his solo hits, including 'All I Know,' 'Skywriter,' 'Second Avenue,' 'I Only Have Eyes For You,' '99 Miles From L.A.' and 'Bright Eyes.'

Art Garfunkel; successful with Simon

Best known for his partnership with Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel is an accomplished Grammy Award winning singer, a poet and Golden Globe nominated actor. As the other half of folk rock duo Simon and Garfunkel, Garfunkel assumes lead vocalist duties.

His illustrious career isn't only defined by his work with Paul Simon; Garfunkel is also an accomplished solo artist.

Solo Awards

Garfunkel's solo career includes one Top Ten hit single, three Top 20 hit singles, six Top 40 hit singles, 14 Adult Contemporary Top 30 singles, five Adult Contemporary Number 1 hits, in addition to two UK Number 1 singles and a People's Choice Award.

His career accolades also include six Grammys (including his work with Paul Simon), exemplified by a Lifetime Achievement Award with Paul Simon. Simon and Garfunkel were also induced into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame back in 1990.

By 1970, Simon and Garfunkel had achieved both creative and industry success, particularly following the release of their acclaimed album, 1970's Bridge over Troubled Water. The group split after the album's release, and would occasionally reunite to release several singles throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

Both pursued solo careers after 1970. Garfunkel began his solo career, releasing several albums, such as 1973's Angel Clare, 1975's Breakaway and 1977's Watermark. He would also pursue acting on occasion.

Today, Art Garfunkel continues to tour around the world, after having returned to the stage nearly two years ago after health issues. He also since toured with Paul Simon occasionally, as Simon and Garfunkel, their most recent outing having taken place in 2010.

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