I Love the 90's Nostalgia Concert

I Love the 90's Nostalgia Concert

The 90s is the new vintage decade. Where once the main wellspring of nostalgic throwbacks and ‘retro’ fascination was with the denim and big attitudes of the 1980s, the new ‘cool’ source of old-school has become the R&B groove and vibrancy of the last decade in the 20th century.

I Love the 90's Concert Niagara Falls

Relive 90's R&B, Rap and Classic Hits

And for the decade that brought urban beats and dance jams to commercial radio and an international audience, there’s no better celebration of the decade than the ‘I Love the 90s’ tour that’s coming to Niagara Falls.

The tour is a rotating roll call of rap legends, and the confirmed line-up for the Niagara show is a who’s who of iconic acts from the early and mid 1990s. Coolio, who has maintained a strong career presence for decades bit is still known for his Grammy Award¬-winning ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’. Salt-N-Pepa, the all-female trio whose dance hit ‘Push It’ still earns classic radio playlist status. Rob Base, hip-hop legend whose collaboration with DJ E-Z Rock, ‘It Takes Two’, may not technically be a 90s single (being released in 88) but still left an indelible mark across an entire decade’s worth of the genre’s development. Even the perennial guilty pleasure of 90s rap, Vanilla Ice, is headlining.

Large 90's Nostalgia Concert in Niagara Falls

The tour is cycling across the United States throughout 2016. The Niagara Falls show will be at the Seneca Resort and Casino’s Events Centre on September 29, located just across the Rainbow Bridge joining Niagara Falls, New York, USA with Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

This feel good show, I Love the 90’s, is a dose of 90s nostalgia & early R&B that any fan of the genre owes it to themselves to see.

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