Elvis Tribute Show: Return to Grace

Elvis Tribute Show: Return to Grace

There is little doubt that Elvis Presley is one of the most iconic entertainers in history. Although you obviously can’t see the man himself live in concert in 2015, there are extraordinary alternatives available to you. Return to Grace has earned rave reviews all over the world for bringing the music, the passion, and the intensity of this singular legend to the world of musical theatre.

For several dates in September at the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls, you will have the dazzling opportunity to experience the music of Elvis Presley-like yesteryear.

Return to Grace Show Information

Elvis lives in this breathtaking musical trip through his life, his career, and most certainly through his music. This live musical presentation takes the audience through the remarkable career of one of the most influential artists of all time. Taken as a whole, the career of Elvis Presley is nothing short of extraordinary. To many people, it was a career that ended far too soon.

Everyone has a favourite Elvis Presley period. No matter which era of Presley’s career is your favourite, you are going to find that the show will accommodate you nicely. Tracks such as;

  • “Heartbreak Hotel”
  • “All Shook Up”
  • “Love Me Tender”
  • “Jailhouse Rock”,

and countless others will definitely be part of this performance. The show begins with the early years of Presley, showcasing his remarkable showmanship and musical range, both of which transformed the music industry itself forever.

Elvis Tribute Show

The show will continue to follow along the career of Presley, all the way up to the 1968 Comeback Special. Things truly peak when the show touches on Elvis’ famous concert in Hawaii, which was one of the last times anyone had the opportunity to watch the man do his thing.

What makes Return to Grace such a hit with even the staunchest Elvis fanatic is its attention to existing in the present. It is not a nostalgia show. It does not coast lazily on the reputation of one of the most important figures in pop culture history. The show infuses a very potent sense of urgency and energy into the songs, making the audience feel as though they are hearing and seeing them performed for the very first time. There is a contemporary energy to these songs that never loses sight of the fact that people still want to hear the classics as they were clearly meant to be heard.

Elvis impersonator Steve Michaels is a professional of over 15 years, performing tribute shows across the globe. Take a quick look at this video below to get a taste of what the show will hold this upcoming September in Niagara Falls.

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