Don Felder at the Fallsview Casino

Don Felder Niagara Falls

Former Eagles lead guitarist and 'Hotel California' co-writer, Don Felder, will take the stage at the Fallsview Casino this 2015. The guitarist-songwriter will perform popular songs, 'Witchy Woman,' 'Tequila Sunrise' and "Take it Easy", amongst others.

Don Felder, the man behind the soaring guitar riffs featured in the Eagles' most popular hits, is both a musician and songwriter. While Felder is undoubtedly known for his former role as lead guitarist and songwriter for the Eagles, he's also worked as a solo musician and songwriter for a number of popular music acts.

Felder joined the Eagles in early January 1974, when he was called by the band to add in slide guitar for their song, 'Good Day in Hell.' He contributed both lead guitar and vocals to a number of Eagles songs before the group released their first album following a number of other line-up changes. That album was Hotel California, the band's international bestseller.

Having co-written and composed the famous title track, the song went on to become their most successful recorded single. Along with fellow guitarist and band latecomer Joe Walsh, he and Walsh would become known for their on-stage partnership as the Eagles' memorable dual guitar leads.

Pressure to follow up 'Hotel California' and band tensions eventually led to the Eagle's breakup in 1980, a year after the release of their album, The Long Run. Success from a tribute album would later inspire the band to regroup in 1994, along with Felder, in a concert that had aired on MTV at the time. The concert later birthed 1994's Hell Freezes Over.

Felder continued to perform with the Eagles until 2000.

However, Felder had already curated his own career, having had performed music for a number of musical acts, following the band's initial breakup back in 1980. He's performed and contributed vocals to a number of hit songs, in addition to contributing guitar work for artists such as the Bee Gees, Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand and Andy Gibb.

Felder will be coming to the Fallsview Casino, bringing his hits and amazing stage presence, for three shows in August 2017.

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