Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is a true legend, sparking musical movements when he ‘went electric’. He’s always done his own thing, and is considered one of the all-time greats of rock and folk music. This 75 year old isn’t slowing down and will be coming to Artpark in Lewiston, NY on June 30th for a scheduled 5 hour performance.

Music Career

At a certain point, Dylan confessed that he did not enjoy rock and roll since ‘it does not quite reflect real life’. He maintained that Folk music was what he wanted as it had deeper feelings, and talked of the Supreme. His high points began after dropping school in mid of 1960 to focus on his career. This move afforded him the chance to travel and see his musical idol, Woodie Guthrie, while he performed in New York City.

He became very popular after the Gerde’s Folk City Show which was reviewed by Robert Shelton in The New York Times. This, coupled with his harmonica performance in one of Carolyn Hester’s album, drew the attention of John Hammond, the producer. Hammond was the connection for Dylan to join Columbia Records later. Hammond held on to him despite pressures from the label to cancel his contract. He produced an album in March 1962 in which he played the harmonica, and did back-up vocals for Three Kings and the Queen, he further participated in the recordings of Broadside, a record label and played the piano on The Blues Project in 1964. In the same year, he played the harmonica in Jack Elliot’s album.

His humour and moral authority in Freewheelin attracted large audiences, invoking both social and political thoughts. His popularity continued to grow in 1963 when he refused to participate in The Ed Sullivan Show. The show was to discuss political issues, and Dylan’s position.

In 1964-65, he changed his course to folk-rock pop music, a move that saw him change his dress code to suit this new niche. And the rest they say is history. Dylan has produced, toured and appeared on numerous albums throughout the last 50 years.

Bob Dylan in 2016

Just this year in March, Dylan sold an extensive archive to two institutions: the George Kaiser Family Foundation and the University of Tulsa. The archive included his notebooks, lyrics and recordings.. This archive is for research in the Helmerich Center for American Research. He announced of his coming trip to Japan and around America, and released Fallen Angels, a new album. He released Melancholy Mood just last month, and is set to go on yet another worldwide tour, including this stop at Artpark in Lewiston, New York, just a minute drive from the Marriott on the Falls Hotel.

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