Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal is one of the most successful comedians in American history. He first became noticed through his work on the television hit “Soap” and then gained further fame thanks to his many television appearances which includes hosting the Academy Awards on nine separate occasions and becoming a film star in his own right with such hits as “When Harry Met Sally” and “City Slickers”.

Billy Crystal's Comedic Career

Billy Crystal was born on March 14th, 1948 in New York City. His father owned a popular music store and had an affinity for jazz music. However, young Billy showed an early interest in comedy along with his two brothers. They would listen to the recordings of famous comedians like Sid Caesar, Bob Newhart, and Rich Little.

He graduated from NYU in 1970 and became part of a comedy trio that works in coffee houses and colleges in the northeast. It was not long before Billy started a solo act and began performing regularly in comedy clubs.

Billy’s first real break came when he landed the role of Jodie Dallas, an openly homosexual character on the ABC sitcom, “Soap”. Billy became an instant star and after the run of “Soap” started his own comedy/variety show called “The Billy Crystal Comedy Hour” which sadly only lasted a few episodes. His next big gig occurred in 1984 when he appeared as a regular on Saturday Night Live for a season.

Over the next decade, Billy made innumerable appearances on a variety of different shows before landing memorable appearances in movies such as The Princess Bride where his ad-libbed line “Have fun storming the castle” has become a favourite. It was his starring role in “When Harry Met Sally” in 1989 that vaulted Billy into become a major movie star. The film itself has become a classic and is regarded as Crystal’s finest work. His follow-up films, “City Slickers”, “Analyze This” and its sequels contributed to Crystal’s growing fame.

Billy Crystal Niagara Falls Event

Billy has been busy over the past several years, including a Broadway hit, 700 Sundays, and authoring a book on the play that was written about his childhood in Long Island. Billy is now touring the country with his one-man show that combines standup comedy with recollections of his past. Hosting the Oscars for the ninth time in 2012, Billy has become recognised by all generations for his unique talents and contributions to comedy. He will be performing over a two night span at the Fallsview Casino. This Niagara Falls event takes place on April 12th & 13th, 2017.

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