Canadian Border Wait Times

Canadian Border Wait Times

Looking to cross the border a little faster, use these nifty tips to get across the border a little faster.

Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls

The Rainbow Bridge is the bridge most guests arrive by from the Niagara Falls international Airport. It does not allow large trucks, the air is cleaner around the bridge due to this rule. Head south after leaving the bridge and you will see the Marriott Niagara Falls Hotel on the right.

Lewiston Bridge to the North

The Lewiston Bridge is popular among locals and shoppers from Toronto and Hamilton looking to visit the Outlet Malls in New York State. Because of this the wait times are short on weekdays, and long during the weekend. Trucks, RVs, and Animal carriers are permitted at this bridge and are often granted an extra lane of traffic to fast track those vehicles for inspection.

Peace Bridge to the South

The Peace Bridge is the jewel of the border crossings, the largest capacity and first choice for guests driving from south of Buffalo. It connects directly between the US Interstate and 400 series highway system in Canada onto the QEW. This connects Buffalo to Toronto and passes through Niagara Falls.

NEXUS Guests

Niagara Falls Marriott is a favourite among frequent individual travllers, this includes cross-border business leaders that use the NEXUS pass. If you haven't considered the NEXUS program it greatly reduces wait times at the border and opens access to the fourth bridge along the Niagara River, open to NEXUS users only.