Niagara Brewers and Distillers

Enjoy yourself with the Canadian Brew and Spirits directly from the Niagara Brewers and Distillers. Guests of the Marriott on the Falls Hotel in Niagara Falls can access information and discounts to the best, newest, and most successful brewers and distillers in Niagara. Minutes from Niagara Falls, and years ahead of the competition. Select a Niagara Brewer:
Bull Market
The Bull Market is a mix of a nightclub plus bar with live music and beer flowing freely on weekdays and weekends as well. From Thursday to Sunday, the Main Room features music and dance.
Exchange Brewery
Beer was once considered to be less ‘sophisticated’ than wine or spirits. ‘Craft beer’ changed all that.
Niagara Brewing Company
Niagara Falls, long known for its amazing collection of over 100 area vineyards and wineries, is now experiencing a Craft Brewery Boom.
Niagara College Teaching Brewery
The playing field in Canada is expanding with more craft brewing courses being made available across the country, which is only further fuelling an already-booming craft beer industry.
Oast House Brewers
Compared to wineries and winemaking estates across the region, breweries come across as being in short supply – but especially as of late, Niagara has not been scarce of quality craft beer and cide
Silversmith Brewery
It’s no secret the Niagara region has become a craft beer haven.