Magnificent Tour - Winter Scenic Tour - Niagara Falls

Winter Tour of Niagara Falls

Feel the chill in the air and see snowy landscapes as you visit tourist attractions with the Magnificent Tours Niagara Falls Winter Scenic Tour. During winter, Niagara Falls provides a totally different perspective to sightseeing and you can see of the best tourist spots with Niagara’s largest tour company. Pick-up is from specific hotels, and you can relax in the comfortable bus as it takes you around Niagara Falls accompanied by a tour guide. The four hour fully narrated tour enables you to have a VIP experience as you take in the beauty of the city. Get ready to have an amazing time at the following spots.

Journey Behind the Falls
While early winter brings with it a chill in the air, snow and ice cover the landscape as winter progresses. Even when it is really freezing, the waterfalls keep flowing although it is covered with snow and icicles. Take an elevator ride to tunnels located behind the massive Horseshoe Falls during the Journey Behind the Falls attraction located at the Table Rock Welcome Centre. From the lower deck, you can see the stunning falls really close and right in front of you. Feel the spray of the waters and marvel at this wonder of nature.

Niagara’s Fury
Also located at the Table Rock Welcome Centre is Niagara’s Fury–a 4D sensory experience that enables you to experience the creation of the falls. You will stand on a platform while looking at images on the 360 degree screen. As the temperature drops 20 degrees, you will experience snowfall and sprays of water along with incredible sounds and sights. Your platform will tilt during this time as you see and feel the power of nature during the formation of the falls!

Floral Showhouse
See stunning flowers and plants from around the world at the Floral Showhouse situated close to the falls. Admire some rare species as well at this showhouse that has displays around the year with flowers that reflect each season. Wander inside this beautiful paradise during winter to see various hues of different flower species such as orchids, chrysanthemums and more. Another delightful attraction here is the Miniature Village with its tiny houses, railroad, other mini structures, and cute miniature items and accessories.

Butterfly Conservatory
Step into a tropical wonderland with lovely plants, flowers, pond and waterfall, and watch pretty butterflies fluttering around. This glass enclosed conservatory has over 2000 butterflies belonging to around 45 different species including Monarch, Owl Butterfly, Small Postman, Blue Morpho and more. Also, observe the wonderful sight of butterflies coming out of the pupae and taking their first flight.

More Tourist Attractions!

You can have an up, close and personal experience with the falls on the Hornblower Niagara Cruises Voyage to the Falls boat ride, weather permitting. Besides this, go shopping