Olympic Torch Run Legacy Trail

Those looking for a good walking trail near Niagara Falls, Ontario can check out the Olympic Torch Run Legacy Trail. The Olympic torch made its way through this trail on its way to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in 2010 and has since then been used by walkers, joggers and cyclists.

Olympic Torch in Niagara Falls

Located in downtown Niagara Falls (the centre of the trail is at: 5059 Palmer Ave, Niagara Falls, ON), the trail begins at Rosberg Family Park near the City Hall, and links Queen Street to Bender Street. The route is in close proximity to the bus and train stations. People who alight here can use this trail to reach Clifton Hill as it is convenient.

2010 Winter Olympic Torch Run

The Olympic Torch Run Legacy Trail has an interesting history. As is the norm during the Olympics, the Olympic torch relay is conducted through several places before reaching the Games destination. During the 2010 Winter Olympics, Niagara Falls was labelled a celebration community for the torch relay. The celebration community tag is due to the fact that the flame stayed longer in the city as compared to other places. And such communities were expected to undertake legacy projects in honour of the torch relay. The Olympic Torch Trail is the legacy that was made to commemorate this piece of history and it continues to benefit locals and visitors alike.

Niagara Falls Urban Trail

A corridor already existed along these parts but the $264,000 downtown recreational torch trail made it a really great route for a walk. Initially, the route was an abandoned railway right of way that was later converted into the new asphalt torch trail in the run-up to the Winter Olympics. Before the new trail came into existence, joggers and people taking their pets for a walk would use this corridor. As a result of the new asphalt surface, several others could benefit from the trail. Besides regular runners, disabled people in wheelchairs, those with baby strollers, cyclists, and visitors arriving from the bus and train station found it highly convenient to use this route.

With its smooth walking surface, lovely views and convenience in reaching Clifton Hill, the Olympic Torch Run Legacy Trail is a popular option to get that healthy dose of walking and running.