Axe Throwing Niagara

Axe Throwing Niagara

It may sound like something that would never make its way into towns and cities, but axe and knife throwing have experienced a massive surge in popularity in the past couple of years. The act of hurling throwing axes or other assorted blades at a target has been a simple sport for as long as we’ve had sports at all, but the venues popping up in places like the Niagara region are making the activity more accessible to the general public.

The axe and knife throwing range is much like a shorter version of a shooting range. As long as you’re over eighteen you’re cleared to give it a try. These aren’t just niche hobby places; axe throwing is professional and well-maintained, both in the ranges themselves and the instruments used.

Axe Throwing Niagara

Niagara Region Axe Throwing Locations

  • The Backyard Axe Throwing League (or BATL for short) is based on Queen Street in Niagara Falls and has only been open since late 2016. BATL handles group bookings as well as a spot in its weekly tournament event (each tournament league running for eight weeks). With both outdoor and indoor runs, and a kitchen/bar installation, it’s becoming a player for a sport growing in popularity.

  • Bury the Hatchet has a nine-lane setup in St Catharines, just off Saint Paul Street. They’re slightly less tournament-focused than BATL, happier to take walk-ins (provided there are lanes free) and market itself to casuals from all walks of life.

  • The Barefoot Bushcraft site off Concession Four Road in Thorald isn’t specifically an axe throwing venue, but rather a retreat-style activity centre. Barefoot Bushcraft offers axe throwing as part of a suite of activities including archery and life skills education.

Generally you’ll want to book ahead for any of these venues, and while most of them welcome general spectators it’s a lot more fun if everyone’s taking part, so organise a group make an afternoon of it. Contact your venue of choice to confirm any specific group and spectator restrictions or requirements.

It sounds over-the-top to anyone who hasn’t tried it before, but Niagara axe throwing at proper venues like those above is safe, fun and accessible.

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