Niagara 150 Local Guide

Niagara 150 Local Guide

Niagara Falls and the rest of the Niagara region are joining in with the celebrations across the country throughout 2017 to mark Canada’s 150th anniversary as an autonomous nation. Although the occasion is being marked across the whole year to some degree, the peak period will be the summer, escalating from May and reaching fever pitch by Canada Day (1 July).

There are plenty of new shows and attractions generated by the sesquicentennial buzz – some large-scale, and others a little more down-to-earth an in keeping with the local vibe in Niagara and nearby towns. Here’s a list of some events that have the more local touch, just as likely to appeal to residents as to tourists and short-stay partygoers.

Niagara 150 Objects, 150 Stories

An exhibition at the Niagara Falls History Museum running from May until the end of the calendar year, the 150 Objects is an assortment of relics and personal possessions, all provided by members of the Niagara Region community. Through this collection of heirlooms and memories, the exhibit tells a collective story of the history, culture and personal identities of the people of Niagara. For anyone interested in history focused on individual stories rather than big global events, this exhibit is unmissable.

Niagara 150 Cruising on the Q

Car shows and public exhibitions have always been popular, but why not make a regular parade out of it? That’s what the local association Queen Street Cruisers thought, and these car enthusiasts have organised a weekly spot from May 8 until September 28 to run Cruising on the Q, a free regular event open to the public. Queen Street in Downtown Niagara Falls will be closed off from 6:00 – 9:00 pm every Tuesday night (weather permitting). You’re open to bring your own chariot down to get a spot in the procession. There’ll also be live music, prizes and 50/50 draws at every procession, making it a great group or family night.

Niagara 150 Special Nature Walks

The Niagara Falls Nature Club will be running regular nature walks from May until the end of August to take advantage of the summer warmth, running from 7.00 pm until dusk every Wednesday. Anyone can join in and walks are pre-graded in terms of difficulty so everyone knows what they’re in for. Anyone who can’t wait until summer to roll around can also check their regular field trip calendar here – or attend their monthly indoor program during the off-season, with keynote speakers and open discussions on all things nature.

Niagara 150 Concerts

As per usual in Niagara, when it comes to live music there’s an abundance of choice, especially across July and August. The Stamford Center Volunteer Firemen’s Association is hosting weekly concerts at Fireman’s Park off Dorchester Road, near the north-west end of town. Their hosted shows are twice a week in this period – the Twilight Tuesday shows and the blues concerts on Thursdays, both from 7.00 pm onwards respectively. One can also head over to Chippawa, south just past the Welland River, where the Village of Chippawa Citizen’s Committee is hosting free concerts every Sunday at Cummington Square. These performances feature country music and classic tunes from the 50s and 60s.

And of course, Queen Victoria Park in the heart of Niagara Falls is ramping up their traditional free concerts for the sesquicentennial celebrations in July. The regular Friday, Saturday and Sunday shows will continue, but Wednesday nights will be added to the mix with indie, country and alternative local favourites in a rotating line-up.

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