Places to Visit Spring Break 2017

Places to Visit Spring Break 2017

Spring Break (sometimes called March Break) in Niagara Falls is a major occasion. The city comes alive during this week long school vacation. And with this seasons amazingly warm weather, there is plenty to see and do in the area.

Niagara Falls is one the best destinations around to make the most of Spring, whether it be for a few days or an entire week. The following is only a sample of what a family group can jump right into as soon as they visit Niagara Falls.

Spring Break Niagara Falls 2017

Fallsview Indoor Waterpark

Waterparks are usually thought of to be mostly open-air and at their best only in summer, but the Fallsview one is great all year round. This is a state-of-the-art waterpark with roofing and climate control, right in the middle of town and barely a stroll away from Niagara’s biggest and most prestigious hotels. Sixteen waterslides, wave pools and activities for all ages in a three-acre enclosure means this is an ideal family destination.

Adventure City

Adventure City Spring Break

There’s nothing like a good old-school arcade, and Falls Avenue Resorts Adventure City is the biggest venue in town with 125 arcade games in a 17,000 square foot complex that also features mini-put golf, the only bumper cars in Niagara Falls and a suite of other themed and interactive rides and activities. For games that test your skills, your reflexes or your bumper car’s padding, a whole day could be spent in this one venue without really getting through everything on offer.

Niagara Skywheel

One of the most iconic features of the Niagara skyline, this Ferris wheel is located in Clifton Hill and stands 175 feet (53 metres) tall. The ride offers incredible views of the town, the falls and the surrounding countryside. The climate-controlled gondolas are serviceable day and night and seat eight people each.

Niagara Butterfly Conservatory

This is a rainforest-style conservatory attached to the Niagara Botanical Gardens, a few minutes drive north of town. The conservatory features over 2000 butterflies from no fewer than 45 different species. Self-guided tours and interactive videos across 180 metres of forested walkways make the experience educational as well. The Emergence window is a special zone where, if the time and conditions are right, guests can see butterflies in their pupal state. Any nature enthusiast is going to find a moment of peace here, a good counter-balance for the Clifton Hill rides and sense of energy.

Adventure Rooms

Escape rooms, where attendants must work together to escape from a room or enclosure full of logic problems, riddles or mysteries to solve, is the current big thing in family or group entertainment. There are a couple of Escape Room venues in Niagara Falls at the moment, including The Crux on Victoria Avenue which is currently running two themed rooms, the zombie/music-themed ‘Dead Air’ and the psychological mystery room ‘Clara’. Work as a single unit or get paired up with other attendants for some fun, impromptu alliances.

Most of these are right in the middle of town, easy to get to and in close proximity to each other.

March Break Activity Options

If you still have time after this kind of itinerary, there are still plenty of options such as:

  • A magic show at the Greg Frewin Theatre.
  • A fun dinner theatre experience such as the acclaimed ‘Oh Canada Eh’ show.
  • The March Break day plan at the Natural Museum, allowing visitors to get hand-on with dinosaur exhibits and fossils.
  • Clifton Hill Area, with plenty of impulse attractions like the Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

Just a fraction of everything above makes for a trip worth remembering. There’s so much more to do that’s on offer during March Break that a week probably won’t be enough time.