Niagara 150 Niagara Falls Fireworks

Niagara 150 Niagara Falls Fireworks

Fireworks and illumination displays in Niagara Falls have become an integral part of the city’s festive atmosphere and night-time celebrations, from the New Year’s Eve celebrations to the Winter Festival of Lights.

In 2017 the fireworks schedule is larger than ever with the big occasion: the sesquicentennial (150th anniversary) of the formation of modern Canada.

Niagara Falls LED Fireworks Display

This year the technology has drastically improved for of Niagara’s fireworks and night-time illumination sessions. Late last year’s full LED upgrade to the lighting system has resulted in an unprecedented array. And the fireworks displays are not only bigger, but there are many more sessions lined up than the average yearly schedule.

Improved 2017 Niagara Falls Fireworks Schedule

The fireworks scheduled for 2017 starts in the second half of May, on Fridays, Sundays, and Mondays – a three-day. In June, it becomes a regular weeknight affair – Monday to Friday, all the way through the summer until 4 September before moving back to a three-night fall schedule.

As well, the Nightly illumination schedule remains intact. Expect to see special light displays on special occasions including Victoria Day and Labour Day.

Niagara 150 Special Fireworks Display

Niagara 150 Fireworks

But the biggest night of all is expected to be the most important in Canada 150’s events calendar – Canada Day, 1 July. As the official day of Canada’s birth as a modern nation, the whole nation is geared to celebrate, and Niagara Falls has always been at the forefront of promoting that festive atmosphere. No details have been released as of February 2017 as to just how big the fireworks show is expected to be that night, but it’s already been hinted to be Canada’s largest and best shows, the perfect way to celebrate Canada & Niagara 150.

Many of the usual night-time events, such as Coca-Cola free concerts, will still be in conjunction with Niagara 150 planned events. Niagara Falls Fireworks in 2017 are planned to be the best yet, making Niagara Falls once again the place to be during the summertime.

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