Niagara Falls Christmas Gift Buying Guide

Niagara Falls Christmas Gift Buying Guide

Christmas seems so far away – until it’s just around the corner. And especially if you’re travelling during the holidays, it can feel like just another thing on the to-do list to worry about to work out presents and/or souvenirs. But if you’re in Niagara Falls and still have some shopping to do, the town’s got you covered.

There’s so many options for what to grab, but here’s some starting ideas:

Niagara Region Vacation Christmas Gifts


Really, if you don’t at least try some for yourself you’re missing out – and maybe someone back home could get a bottle as well! Icewine, the dessert-style wine distilled from frozen grapes, is a speciality of many Niagara wineries and estates. Niagara Falls is known these days for a wide variety of top-grade beverages, from wine to craft beer, but Icewine is still its exotic speciality.

Wine as Christmas Gift

Maple Syrup:

It may be cliche to some to associate Canada with maple syrup, but it’s still accurate. And it’s easy to get great local syrup in the Niagara region. Try popular produce centres like Kurtz Orchards for syrups and other locally made jams to please any foodies back home looking for a new taste.


Shopping venues such as Outlet Collection at Niagara on the Lake offer great values on designer brands. If you’re buying for non-Canadians, put them on a popular local brand like Roots: reliable, fashionable and just a little different from their perspective.

Niagara Falls Ornaments:

Locations such as our Gift Shop, or the Clifton Hill commercial strip offer conventional tourist gift options for your stocking-stuffers. Mugs, Christmas ornaments, snow globes – keep to the visitor-friendly districts and they’re not too hard to find. Also check out attractions around the Falls or along the riverbank for some specific souvenirs that may do the trick.

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