Niagara Falls Public Transportation Routes

Getting around Niagara is easy enough that for anyone who doesn’t need to drive out to out-of-town locations, a car (or even a bike) often isn’t necessary. Most of the to-do destinations are clustered near each other along the parkway or within a stone’s throw, and public transport helps cover the rest.

Public Transportation Options in Niagara

Anyone coming to Niagara Falls needs to know about WEGO – the local bus system. Generally WEGO operates on a daily pass which can be purchased at a variety of locations across town, but if you also buy packages like the Adventure Pass, you may get WEGO travel as part of the deal. Regardless, WEGO access covers four separate bus routes that encircle the town centre between the Table Rock Centre and Rainbow Bridge, and strike out to cover across-town routes of interest to travellers.

If you’re staying at Marriott on the Falls, the following public transportation options might make it easier for you to get around:

  • The Falls Incline Railway: while the walk around the sleep slope from Marriott to the Table Rock Welcome Centre isn’t unpleasant, sometimes a more direct route is desirable. The Incline Railway is a 50-metre funicular rail that travels up and down the slope, saving twenty minutes’ travel time. Note that it only runs from 9am until 9.30pm, so early birds will have to stick with the extra exercise.

  • WEGO from Marriott to Table Rock: of course, there’s also a direct bus route from the hotel down to the centre as well. All WEGO lines converge at Table Rock as a primary transfer point – the Marriott hotel sits near the end of the Blue Line, so hop on any of the stops around Fallsview Boulevard or Dunn Street and the bus will take you right to the centre.

  • WEGO from Marriott to Clifton Hill: again, the Blue Line is your first choice here – but don’t get off at Table Rock. Instead continue on the Blue Line and its circuit will take you further north to the Clifton Hill stop. Both Green and Red lines stop there as well if you need to transfer between lines.

For routes, schedules and more information ask our concierge desk upon check-in.

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