Niagara Falls Nightclubs

Niagara Falls Nightclubs

Niagara has long maintained a healthy night life for young and old. At the heart of Niagara’s after-dark entertainment district around Fallsview, both late-night dance clubs and cocktail bars are abound, but along the riverside districts there are some other gems aside from the top listings on most ‘Niagara night club’ Google searches. So for the out-of-towner or party-seeking local wanting a place to spend their post-midnight entertainment, what is out there?

The following venues are only a sample of a places one can go after dark:

Top Niagara Falls Nightclubs

Club Se7en:

Priding itself on its ‘raw, industrial’ aesthetic, Se7en is a mix of sophistication and a high-octane dancing atmosphere. By offering both the opportunity to hide away in the lavish VIP lounges or schmooze on the dance floor, Se7en has become a popular hotspot within the central entertainment district.

Dragon Fly

Located inside the Fallsview Casino, Dragon Fly is known as an upscale dance club, complete with stylish decor, dress code and a velvet rope.

Beer Garden

The venue name and a good opening descriptor. This is a casual ‘tiki patio’ style watering hole in Niagara’s main entertainment district of Clifton Hill, with a great familial atmosphere – especially in the summer months. And it’s also one of the hotspots for karaoke, boasting over 2800 songs to croon along with on the stage.


Aesthetically opposite to the Beer Garden, the main descriptor for R5 is ‘chic’. This is a contemporary-style lounge within the Fallsview Casino. With a multi-level bar area commanding breathtaking views of the illuminated waterfalls at night, and offering a range of experimental cocktails and gourmet appetisers. It’s the top pick for the night-owls looking for contemporary style on their post-midnight entertainment.

Club Mardi Gras:

Theme clubs are nothing new, but Club Mardi Gras commits to a level not common in Niagara clubs. Popular for bachelor and bachelorette parties, this is a melting pot of a mixer bedecked in beads and feathery masks – it’s designed for the younger adult crowd, right down to the dancing cages.

Hard Rock Night Club:

An old-school lounge and club with plenty of room to both dance and share a drink around a table with friends. Blending a 60s-style dancefloor (right down to ‘the world’s largest disco ball’) with modern sound systems, this is not a quiet hideaway but a friendly place to have a fun-filled evening.

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