Niagara Recreation River Cycling Trail

Niagara Recreation River Cycling Trail

Touring cyclists often love Niagara. The picturesque landscape rewards the mode of travel and there’s plenty of hidden treasures along the hundreds of trails and bike paths that criss-cross the region.

But for the casual biker, it can be hard to know where to start. You just want an easy ride and some nice scenery, without feeling like you’re striking out into the middle of nowhere. And you want to be assured there’s things to do along the way.

Niagara River Recreational Bike Trail

The Niagara River Recreation Trail is the main avenue for bikers of all types. As the name suggests it mostly hugs the Niagara River, travelling from Fort Erie near the shores of the great southern lake, heading up to terminate at Fort George near Niagara-on-the-Lake. It’s a leisurely ride for a rider of any skill level, broken into various stages. The full length is around eight hours’ worth of biking, although breaks in the trail occur at major urban centres like Ontario so it’s not really an endurance-ride track.

Each stage may take a couple of hours at a leisurely pace without much stopping, but the point of the trail isn’t to make a certain time. As the name suggests, it’s a recreational diversion.

Cycling from Niagara to Fort Erie

The two southernmost stages, from Fort Erie to Black Creek and then onward north to Chippawa, is perhaps the quietest leg of the journey on the trail. Markers and plaques line the trail, and both Fort Erie and Chippawa are areas of major historical significance with old sites and many stories to tell.

The track from Niagara Falls to Niagara-on-the-Lake, making up the other two stages, is probably the more eventful. There’s plenty to see and do (for ideas visit our Explore Niagara page) on the stretch north of the Falls, and several tourist attractions and landmarks within easy reach of the Niagara Parkway that the trail keeps close to. The track breaks in the middle at Queenston, with plenty of monuments and dining opportunities.

No part of the track is particularly difficult, meaning that anyone can hop on a two-wheeler and check out the scenery, starting anywhere they like along the way.

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