Niagara Ghost Tours

Niagara Ghost Tours

Wars, classic older buildings and Native American legends help fuel Niagara’s Ghost Tours. Small companies and even Niagara Parks host Ghost Tours throughout the Niagara region.

Niagara Area Ghost Tours

The ghost tours that develop around these stories in places like Niagara Falls are often as informative as they are spine-tingling. Often not even the locals know all the little details of these stories in the way these tour guides and custodians do.

There are a couple of contacts for an informative tour, and often you get your pick of several different tours to try. These groups and tours are the main options on offer:

Best Niagara Ghost Tours

  • Ghost Walks and Dark History Tours: a company that runs a variety of outdoor and indoor tours in the northern Niagara region. Perhaps the most iconic is the night-time walk around Niagara-on-the-Lake, including a visit to the Olde Angel Inn. They also have several tours based in Hamilton, a town to the west – including a full indoor tour of its Masonic Cathedral, and a ‘ghost hunt’ in an old cotton factory.
  • Niagara Ghost Walks: The main ghost tour in Niagara Falls. Another town-wide tour with a strong sense of history, telling stories of mob wars and haunted legends. They have a variety of services including the wedding package for couples wanting to tie the knot in spooky surroundings.
  • Fort George: A candlelit night-time tour through the historic fort. Spooky but not cheesy – it’s a tour full of stories, with the guides telling real stories of what happened on the fort as well as their encounters with spirits and supernatural occurrences. Halloween tours need to be purchased in advance, but go into buildings the regular tours normally don’t enter.
  • Fort Erie: on the southern end of Niagara, this tour is another night-time walk through an old military ground. The focus is on the significance of the battlefield here, and the eerie tales that surround the aftermath of its role in the War of 1812.

Between the haunted inns and creepy forts, there’s bound to be something new here for both local and traveller alike.

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