Niagara Falls Commemorative Coins

Niagara Falls Commemorative Coins

Like some other wonders of nature, the Niagara Falls has also been immortalised on coins down the years. Several coins have been minted showcasing the spectacular falls and these include commemorative coins, trade coins and others. While some are out of circulation, others can be bought through various collectors, shops and websites.

Here is a collection of Niagara Falls related coins that are actually legal currency created by the Canadian Mint. This article is part of our: Niagara Falls Popular Culture Media Series

$200 Niagara Falls Gold Coin, 1992


A striking $200 gold coin was issued in 1992 with a mintage of 9,465. Made of 91.7% gold and 8.3% silver, the coin weighing 17.13 grams features the stunning falls on one side. It also shows two children playing near the river in the foreground with maple leaves flying in the air. The other side of the coin shows a profile of Queen Elizabeth II.

20 Dollars - Niagara Falls, 2003

Issued in 2003 as a commemorative coin for the Natural Wonders Series, this 20 dollar silver coin weighs 31.39 g. A side profile of Queen Elizabeth II features on one side of the coin with the words Elizabeth II D.G. Regina, 2003 while the other side showcases a holographic coloured image of the mighty Horseshoe Falls.


$30 Niagara Falls Sterling Silver Coin, 2007


Photographic hologram technology has been used on this $30 silver coin issued by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2007. The colours make the panoramic view of the Horseshoe Falls on the coin pop out. It also depicts two hands holding a camera photographing the falls. Queen Elizabeth II graces the other side of the coin.

O Canada Series – Niagara Falls, 2013


This pure silver coin shows a man, woman and child viewing the falls from an observation deck located to the right of the base of the falls. The proportions highlight the massiveness of the falls and two seagulls flying above it lend an interesting touch. The words Canada and 10 Dollars are etched on this side along with the year 2013. The reverse side has the profile of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

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