From USA to Niagara Falls Canada Train

From USA to Niagara Falls Canada Train

Niagara Falls Canada is a premier tourist destination, so it comes as no surprise that there are myriad ways to visit the Canadian township – including by Train from the United States.

Most people know about Rainbow Bridge for road travel across the border, or about flight plans to Toronto before travelling south to the falls. But riding the rails is an option as well.

Travelling in Comfort

Travelling by train from a hub, such as New York City, will take about nine hours – by comparison, by car it typically would be seven hours, and the train at least has comfortable seats and a food car.

Luckily, the Amtrak train from New York – dubbed the ‘Maple Leaf’ – does cross into Canada, so you have the option of disembarking at either the American or Canadian share of Niagara Falls. Of course, you’ll need your passport to disembark on the Canadian side – part of the journey will be a stop at the border for the customs and immigration inspection, the same process as with any border crossing.

Train Crossing over Niagara Falls Gorge Train Crossing over Niagara Falls Gorge

Niagara Falls from various US States

As for getting to Niagara from other US states, the best option is usually to disembark on the US side as regional Amtrak trains typically don’t go all the way into Canada. Many trains will go to the New York section of Niagara Falls; from there, you may be able to hop on the Maple Leaf as it travels through depending on your arrival time, or instead use local transit to bridge the gap and head across Rainbow Bridge. Terminating at Buffalo is less desirable, but buses run between the city and New York Niagara Falls on a regular basis.

There are a lot of pluses to taking the train into Niagara – convenience, great views, amenities available the whole way. Especially for travelling from New York, but also as an option for closing the gap from other cities, it might be the way to go for getting you to Niagara.

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