Recreate 50 Years Ago with Self Guided Tour of Niagara Falls

Recreate 50 Years Ago with Self Guided Tour of Niagara Falls

Have you ever wondered what the Falls and the area around it would have been like more than 50 or 60 years ago? Here’s a look at places or attractions that go back a few decades which you can still experience today on a self guided historic tour of Niagara Falls.

Classic Niagara Falls Experiences

Viewing the Falls at Night

The history of the illumination of the falls dates back to 1860 during the visit of the Prince of Wales. Its more modern history began in 1925 under the management of the Niagara Falls Illumination Board, with electricity supplied by The Ontario Power Company. The falls are illuminated with an advanced lighting system and a hi-tech touch screen computer in the control room. A sequence of colours is projected on the falls making it a mesmerising sight. You can view the nightly illumination from several places like the Table Rock Welcome Centre, the Queen Victoria Park, the Skylon Tower or aboard the Hornblower Niagara Cruises’ Falls Illumination Cruise.

Using the Niagara Falls Incline Railway

Incline Railway-older Classic Photo of the Incline Railway. It's now more modern and fully enclosed.

Built in 1966 for the Niagara Parks Commission, the Incline Railway is a charming mode of transport. It connects the Fallsview tourist area to the Table Rock Welcome Centre., allowing guests to travel the distance in under a minute on the railway car that will otherwise take a 20 minute walk. This railway uses a double track system  with two cars that move up and down on a sloped surface at a 30 degree incline. Each car seats up to 40 passengers and it is a ride that people enjoyed in past and present.

Always Refreshing Soda Shop at Falls Avenue Resort

Always Refreshing Soda Shop

A delightful combination of a soda shop and collector’s boutique, the Always Refreshing Soda Shop has a theme that takes you back to the 1950s. The design and menu have a classic 50s feel and you can tuck into yummy offerings here. 50s favourites at the shop include milkshakes, floats, hot dogs, ice cream, and soda with your preferred choice of flavour shot. It is also a treasure trove for collectors with licensed merchandise including Coca-Cola collectables.

Horse and carriage ride along the Niagara Parkway

Ever imagined riding a horse drawn carriage whenever you saw one in a classic movie? You can turn your dreams into a reality with a horse and carriage ride along Queen Victoria Park and the Niagara Parkway. Enjoy the beautiful sight of the falls and the lovely area in the vicinity as the carriage takes you around at a leisurely pace. If you are a couple looking for a romantic ride for two or a group of up to 6 people, climb aboard and enjoy the ride.

Travel back to yesteryear or enjoying modern comforts & amenities in Niagara Falls. It's up to you--Niagara can meet your needs. While in town, stay at the Marriott on the Falls hotel, the closest hotel to Niagara Falls. For more information and full Niagara experience add-ons view our: Niagara Falls Hotel Packages