Days of Wine & Chocolate Tour

Days of Wine & Chocolate Tour

The Niagara region has a fairly large selection of festivals throughout the year, celebrating the local wine making and food culture. The Days of Wine and Chocolate is one of these events, and arguably one of the most decadent.

Niagara Winter Wine Festival

Described as the ‘final winter event’ in the Niagara Falls festival calendar, the festival takes place across February weekends every year. The participating wineries in the Days of Wine and Chocolate offer specialised pairings of their VQA vintages with a variety of treats and side dishes that incorporate chocolate in some fashion. Sometimes the sweetness is a subtle touch, sometimes it’s an explosion of taste, matched with an appropriate wine pairing to balance everything out.

Winter Niagara Vineyard

Curated Days of Wine & Chocolate

So what can be expected in the 2016 tastings? There are twenty-six participating wineries, and six recommended tastings:

  • Inniskillin: 2012 Sparkling Cabernet Franc Icewine, paired with a chicken mole quesadilla flavoured with habanero crème fraiche.
  • Reif Estate: The Magician Shiraz Pinot, paired with dark chocolate in an eggplant caponata.
  • Hinterbrook: 2013 Wanderlust (a full red wine), paired with Wanderlust chocolate cake.
  • Strewn: 2013 Cabernet Franc, paired with a sweet potato & black bean patty with arugala, topped with a chocolate and jalapeño balsamic drizzle.
  • Rancourt: 2012 Merlot, paired with cocoa-infused pulled pork, braised with a signature Merlot sauce on a bun.
  • Trius: 2014 Trius Cabernet Sauvignon, paired with double-chocolate marshmallow cupcake.

Magnificent Tours of Niagara is hosting a full luxury bus tour to the above six wineires for Wine & Chocolate pairings on Saturdays throughout the month of February. This is one of their highest rated tours of the season and spaces fill up quickly.