Shutting Off Niagara Falls

Shutting Off Niagara Falls

New York State officials are planning to shut off Niagara Falls, albeit temporarily.

A key bridge connecting Niagara Falls State Park and Goat Island recently turned 115 years old, and officials are requesting a shut down of the flow of water of Niagara Falls in order to safely replace the bridge with a more modern design.

The last time the flow of water to Niagara Falls was shut off was in 1969.

Niagara Falls Shut Off Schedule

  • Two years design, planning, public hearings, etc
  • Two years construction

The two year construction proposal is tentatively set to include:

  • Five Months Year 1 (August – December)
  • Nine Months Year 2 (April – December)
Niagara Falls Dry in 1969

There is concern that the ‘dry falls’ could hurt tourism of Niagara Falls on the American side of the border; however the larger horseshoe area that is largely associated with Niagara—the Canadian Falls—would remain ‘open’, flowing and fully operational.

In total the plan is expected to cost $20 million and will create a unique experience to see an interesting contrast in Niagara—the Canadian side completely flowing and the American side dry.

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