Go-Karting in Niagara

Go-Karting in Niagara

With advances in Technology, kart comfort and course design, Go-karting is set to begin a new era.

In recent years go-karting has become a star attraction again all over the word, as fresh interest in go-karts means more tracks with higher interactivity are being fashioned and refined. They’re not just loops lined with old tyres anymore.

Below is a selection of Niagara Area Go-Kart Tracks

Niagara Go-Karts

Niagara Go-Karts is the seminal experience in the Niagara region. Marketing itself as having one of Northern America’s fastest tracks, Niagara Go-Karts uses modern karts styles like Formula 1 racers, with quick acceleration and tight handling. It’s a circuit that accommodates both seasoned karters and kids from yen years old upward.

Hamilton Indoor Go-Karts

Head a little further out and this available track is still considered above average. Hamilton Indoor Go-Karts is also a speed-run setup, and its karts have the more traditional look but are still designed to balance speed and safe handling effectively.

Clifton Hill Elevated Go Karts

The big news in late 2015 for the pastime/sport is the planned elevated go-kart track in Clifton Hill. Currently placed to run part of the way along Victoria Avenue, the elevated road will rise up to 40 feet from the ground along a secure track. ‘Elevated’ kart racing has mostly been the domain of indoor multi-level tracks – while noting some exceptions like ‘The Track’ in Missouri – that are few and far between in most cities. But new tracks like this one in Clifton Hill will make this ‘rollercoaster’ style of go-karting more accessible.

Go-karting’s still an affordable activity – Niagara Go-Karts is just over $20 for six laps – and there are always regular offers to take advantage of. Safety is always the top concern at these professional outlets to ensure patrons are both tasting a little adrenaline and keeping safe while proper precautions are in place. If you’ve never go-karted before, it’s only getting better so there’s never been a more ideal time to try a little racing.

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