The Simpsons Taking an Attraction Ride in Niagara Falls

The Simpsons Taking an Attraction Ride in Niagara Falls

‘Catch ‘Em If You Can’ is episode 18 of the show’s 15th season, and was a recipient of a Writers Guild of America Award for Best Animation Screenplay in 2005, featuring The Simpsons taking an Attraction Ride in Niagara Falls.

It’s an episode with the frenetic energy and quick-fire satirical comedy that has characterized much of the later seasons of The Simpsons.

Simpsons Niagara Falls Episode

With Bart and Lisa bickering all the time and mocking the romantic movie Homer and Marge rent more for themselves than for the kids, the Homer and Marge decide to run off on a romantic vacation. At the beginning, the couple visits Miami for a ‘second honeymoon’. Bart and Lisa quickly find out and, offended by the notion, hunt them down at their hotel and send them packing for Atlantic City, before hopping to and fro across the United States in a sequence directly referencing the 2002 Martin Scorsese film Catch Me If You Can.

Simpsons go for a Ride in Niagara Falls

The final destination of the journey is in Ontario, where things finally settle down before a final attempt by Homer and Marge to escape their children send them hurtling over the Falls in a jumping castle – a piece of Simpsons absurdity directly referencing all the adventurers who have thrown themselves over the waterfalls in barrels and boxes.

Here The Simpsons take a 4D Attraction Ride over the Falls.

Simpsons 4D Attraction Ride over The Falls

The sequence in of The Simpsons taking a ride in Niagara Falls is the climax of an episode with a lot of locations to shuffle through, but it’s where things turn out for the better for Homer and Marge in trying to find a way to rekindle their romance– even if going over Niagara Falls isn’t something anyone else should try.

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