Top 7 Niagara Falls FAQ Questions

Top 7 Niagara Falls FAQ Questions

Our reservations and social media staff field questions about Niagara Falls on a daily basis. We quizzed them, and these are what they consider to be the Top 7 most frequently asked questions about Niagara Falls.

1.What’s the best time of year to visit Niagara?

There is no set ‘best time of year’ to visit Niagara Falls. The Falls are open and flowing year round. There are different things to do during the various seasons in Niagara. Spring to Fall is generally the best time to visit the natural parks, golf courses and wineries. Winter time in Niagara includes the Winter Festival of Lights, numerous festivals (including the Ice Wine Festival), an larger number of concerts & shows, and year round open attractions such as restaurants, Journey Behind the Falls, Casinos and Waterparks.

2. Where is the best place to view the Falls?

There are a few to choose from. The riverside at the Table Rock Welcome Centre or the observation deck of Skylon Tower are good on the Canadian side, or Prospect Point on the American side. But for a close-up experience, try Hornblower Niagara Cruises to get up close and personal. The best all around viewing location, any time of day or weather, is a Fallsview Room overlooking Niagara Falls.

Fallsview Guest Photo

3. What package deals can I get?

There are a number of package deals available to fit any budget or set of holiday goals. Examples include packages that include free buffet breakfast, wine tasting passes, room upgrades, casino credits, dining credits and more. For a full sortable list of our hotel packages visit: Niagara Falls Hotel Packages.

4. When do Niagara Falls Fireworks take place

Niagara Falls Fireworks take place from the late Spring to early Fall, usually every Friday and Sunday. For a more details, times and dates visit: Niagara Falls Fireworks Schedule

5. How can I get around other than car?

WEGO Niagara Falls

For local travel, try the WEGO bus network – tourist passes are available and they cover the major hotspots and attractions. If you’re part of a group looking to tour other towns or wineries, hiring a bus is pretty easy from services like Magnificent Tours.

6. What do I need to know about crossing the Canada-US border?

Travelling from one side of the Niagara River to the other requires crossing the international border. Always keep your passport on you – other forms of ID such as birth certificates can make the process easier. US citizens regularly crossing the border can also look into programs such as NEXUS. For more information and rules, call our knowledgeable hotel staff at: 1-800-618-9059

7. I’m entering Niagara Falls from the US. Do I have to exchange all my currency?

canadian money

While it’s advisable to have at least some Canadian currency on hand, most local restaurants, attractions and shops accept US dollars as well. You can exchange currency at many locations, including our hotel.

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