Top 3 Niagara Falls Podcast Episodes

Top 3 Niagara Falls Podcast Episodes

Niagara Falls makes a strong impression-- and rightfully so with it's amazing Waterfalls, parks, restaurants, attractions and shopping. The Falls are a part of pop culture, and are an area of interest for many. Relax, kick back at home, on your commute or any place that has an audio device and listen to the top 3 Niagara Falls Podcast Episodes from popular shows such as CBC's Vinyl Cafe, This American Life and Stuff You Should Know.

This American Life

This American Life This American Life

This American Life is arguably the most popular America Podcast. Beginning in 1995, and hosted by Ira Glass, this venerable podcast has produced over 560 episodes, a movie, TV show, books and spin off podcasts such as Planet Money.

Back in 1998, before This American Life reached its current level of popularity, the show produced a special, one act episode brings together nine different stories about Niagara, from hundreds of years past up until 1998. It’s a fascinating listen and shines a light on subjects that usually remain in the dark.

Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know is a highly rated podcast produced by How Stuff Works Inc. In 2009 they produced a popular episode ‘How Going Over Niagara Works’. The podcast lasts just a shade over 25 minutes. The shows producers describe the episode as:

Since 1901, about 16 adventurous souls have gone over the falls in search of fame, usually in a barrel or sphere. Tune in as our resident experts take a look at the history of Niagara Falls in this podcast from HowStuffWorks.

How It Works: Niagara Freefall

Vinyl Cafe Stories

vinyl-cafe Vinyl Cafe Stories

Vinyl Café Stories with Stuart McLean is Canada’s #1 podcast. Broadcast by CBC, the show originally began as a summer replacement show. Due to critical praise, high ratings and listener demand, the show became a permeant fixture on the CBC after it’s initial run. Since that time Vinyl Café Stories has grown in popularity and is seen as the seminal Canadian Radio show.

This episode, arguably one of the most popular episodes of the Vinyl Café, tells the story of a young Roger Woodward falling off a boat, going into and then ultimately over Niagara Falls.

Vinyl Café: The incredible story of Roger Woodward and Niagara Falls* can be found in the vinyl cafe archives.

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