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Top 7 Places to Visit this Summer in Niagara Falls

Top 7 Places to Visit in this Summer in Niagara Falls

Niagara is home to a number of attractions that are open all year around, but summer is always the most popular time of year. From daytime concerts to wine harvests and the sun cascading off of the beautiful falls, the region is arguably at its most vibrant between June and August.

There are dozens of places or attractions to see across the region in the summertime, but here are a few to start off with to get the most out of a summer holiday:

Niagara Falls


The #1 attraction, and the reason to visit the region. Find a vantage point along the riverbank to just admire the landmark, experience the rushing cascade of water up close – through either the Journey Behind the Falls, or book one of our Fallsview Rooms for an amazing view.

Serenity Spa


A hidden gem for tourists and a favourite amongst locals, the Serenity Spa’s can simply be described  as ‘tranquil’. Massages, facials and full body treatments are available inside this high-quality spa, with an emphasis on hydration, re-mineralization and full relaxation.

The spa offers a variety of packages and specialized treatments depending on the customer’s wants and needs. It’s a great beginning or end addition to a Niagara summer holiday.


Outlet Collection at Niagara

Outlet Collection Infographic Teaser

Summer season means summer fashions, and any tourist with an interest in shopping should check out the area outlet malls. The most popular outlet in Niagara is The Outlet Collection.

The Outlet Collection is an outdoor-concept mall with plenty of shady areas to keep away from the summer heat and over a hundred speciality stores on site. Many of the outlets are high-fashion brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Cole Haan, alongside popular stalwarts like Van Heusen, Haggar and YaYa & Co. Other outlets offer quality sleepwear, urban styles and ski equipment as well as the latest jewellery and accessories.

Dufferin Island


Summer means beautiful sunny days, which can feel wasted if there isn’t a picturesque spot on the map marked where you can just relax and soak up the sun in a beautiful nature setting.Head just south of Niagara Falls and the Dufferin Islands Park offers great secluded parklands with free admission.

The area is ten acres, a network of islands connected by bridges and man made footpaths, the Dufferin Islands is a place to take it slow and have a wander around the scenery. r.

Niagara Glen–Gorge


Niagara Gorge has several parks and public-access reserves along its edge, including the Niagara Glen. It’s arguably one the most popular due to its size, wildlife and its location, both relatively close to Niagara Falls and overlooking the Niagara Falls Whirlpool, a unique phenomenon in the middle of a sharp turn in the Niagara River’s course.

The glen is a pristine example of the Carolinian forestland that used to cover the entire Niagara region, and retains a variety of local wildlife and interesting geology. For the summer tourist or local on holidays the glen is a place to stretch the legs and trek along the kilometres of paths that wind through the forest.

Niagara Brewing Company


Niagara routinely celebrates its wine harvest season, but the region also has a burgeoning craft beer community. The Niagara Brewing Company in Clifton Hill, just off Falls Avenue, has a selection of top-tier craft beers on tap and a kitchen serving cheeses and hot sides developed to accompany the drinks.

The beers on tap consist of a good variety, with a sweet peach radler for a summer quencher or a caramel-toned IPA for cooler nights. There are also some more standard fares on offer like the Niagara Premium Lager and a hoppy amber ale.

Fallsview Casino

Fallsview Casino June 2015 Fallsview Casino

There are two casinos in the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, but Fallsview is by far the bigger of the two. With over 3000 slots, a hundred gaming tables and a specialised luxury poker room, the gaming floor in Fallsview is the equivalent of three NFL football fields.

Also keep an eye on the schedule of shows and performances at the Fallsview Casino Resort. The Ballroom Theatre seats 1500 people and is frequently a host to great internationally-acclaimed music, comedy and circus performances.

The Fallsview casino is the centrepiece to many a summer night out. The complex itself houses a small shopping centre and links to eighteen different restaurants, meaning you barely even have to leave the building for a full night out. And if you do what some fresh air, Fallsview Boulevard has many more restaurants, nightclubs and places of interest to experience.

Close to all the action


The Marriott on the Falls is within 10 minutes of all of these attractions, making it the perfect location for your next trip to Niagara Falls. For our best rates & valuable package add-ons visit: Niagara Falls Hotel Packages